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plastic food jar with lid screw-90,100,150,180,200,250,450,500,650 and 1000ml manufacturer

Offer type: salePublished: 11.02.2016
Company:Plast NPChP
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Jar plastic, food, transparent impact-resistant material with a cover under the screw-90,100,150,180,200,250,450,500,650,1000 ml with a throat diameter 66mm. The packaging is lightweight and not breaking, not burst on a frost, which reduces losses in production and costs transportation.

The tin is transparent and the appearance is no different from glass, but 10 times easier than glass.

Can produce cans from 100ml. to 650 ml.

Plastic tanks (jars, tanks, bedryshki, buckets) can differ their characteristics: size, shape, weight, purpose, material.

Tanks have a wide range of applications in the home, agriculture agriculture, agrarian sector, chemical industry.

Plastic containers according to their characteristics competitive with glass or metallicheskim containers:

- light weight

- versatility, appointment – contact food, resistance to aggressive environments