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ThermoWood, thermally modified ash, thermally modified pine from the manufacturer

Offer type: salePublished: 11.02.2016
Price:1 000 UAH
Seller:Galkin Vadim
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ThermoWood — a building material of new generation

Choose eco-friendly natural building material that can withstand heavy operating load? Company "Wood designs" offers TMW — a fundamentally new type of wood, which appeared thanks to the development of woodworking technologies.

Turning to us, you will be able to get a great TMW and glued veneer. Given that the thermal conductivity of laminated veneer lumber from thermally treated wood is lower than that of veneer, obtained from ordinary wood, this material provides the best thermal protection of the buildings and is very well suited to construction tasks in the regions with severe climate.

Thermo wood — 5 advantages over traditional materials

As a result of heat treatment at a temperature of 185-230 b° C thermally modified wood, while retaining all the advantages of natural solid gains additional properties that improve its physical-mechanical characteristics:

increased density, which ensures high strength and resistance to mechanical stress;
low moisture absorption, providing low shrinkage of structures, preservation of geometric forms, protection from cracking and bulges;
low thermal conductivity, which gives a result almost 30% saving on the maintenance of indoor comfort temperature in cold and in warm seasons;
natural high biostability: in the heating process in the tree breaks down wood sugar, which increases the material's resistance to the effects of mold, microbes and insects;
aesthetic appearance: even when the thermo modified wood obtained from inexpensive breeds, thanks to the toning over the entire thickness, it acquires a noble natural color, characteristic of expensive varieties of wood.

Far ahead on the characteristics of conventional building materials of wood, thermo wood has just one drawback — it loses its brightness and color when exposed to ultraviolet rays. To wooden structures will long retain an attractive appearance, thermally modified wood and articles of wood processed by special trains.

Thermally modified timber in construction

Due to their unique properties, ThermoWood has found application in many areas of construction. This material is perfect for construction of buildings and structures in regions with high humidity and harsh climates.

ThermoWood can be used in construction in and of itself, and as a basic element in the production of composite materials with improved characteristics. For example, using as raw material wood is treated with hot steam, helps to significantly lower the thermal conductivity of laminated veneer lumber.

In combination with high durability and decay resistance, low thermal conductivity of laminated veneer lumber makes it an ideal building material for baths, saunas, paving of garden paths, areas around swimming pools, manufacture of garden fencing, bridges and other structures and landscaping elements, which are most exposed to damp, temperature and mechanical stress.

Good thermal insulation, which ensures low thermal conductivity of laminated veneer lumber can significantly reduce the construction costs: thinner, lighter, and building designs do not require expensive insulation materials and construction of complex foundations.

Want to purchase heat treated timber, glued laminated timber, or to order the design and manufacture of wooden structures? Our managers in the office are always ready to provide you consultation and discuss the details of the order.

Recently European scientists have found the optimal method of treating wood to improve its properties without using chemical additives – a method of prestabilization. So there was or ThermoWood ThermoWood, i.e. drevesina treated with steam under high temperatures. We can say that ThermoWood is the highest stage of evolution of the wood.