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The starter PML

Offer type: salePublished: 09.02.2016
Company:TOV VKF Elektroservis
Seller:Oleksej Mihajlovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The starter PML

Hello, dear customers.

The starters PML are "premortality" small-sized products designed for remote start direct connect to the network, stopping and reversing three-phase asynchronous electric motors with squirrel-cage rotor with the voltage of alternating current (or DC for starters the first value) up to 660V and frequency of 50 Hz.


VKF TOV Elektroservis offers the starters Various series PML: PML for a current of 10A from PML-1100 on PML-1720, for a current of 16A from PML-1160ДМ according to PML-1631Д, 25A – starter with PML-2100 according to PML-2720, for a current of 40A from PML-3100 according to PML-3720, for a current of 40A compact – with the starter PML-3160ДМ by PML-3631Д on current 63A - PML-4100 by PML-4720, for a current of 80A - PML-4160ДМ and PML-4560ДМ on current 125A – PML-PML for 5100-5610, current 160A – PML-PML for 6100-6610, for a current of 250A with starter PML-7100 by PML-7610.


On our the website You can read a full description of starters.

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