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Circular saws for sawing machines Kanefusa Board Pro Plus (Japan)

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Circular saws for sawing machines Kanefusa Board Pro Plus (Japan)

Saw Kanefusa (Japan) for sawing machines with carbide tipped high durability.
All saws of the company Kanefusa developed in accordance with the highest technical standards.

Customers around the world consider important are the following characteristics of circular saws:

  • reducing noise or dust, to create an enabling environment for business;
  • the increased operating time of the saw until the next times, it increases the duration of continuous operation of the equipment, as well as reduces costs for sharpening;
  • constant performance for a stable production process;
  • the best cut quality to get quality furniture.


Comparison of noise levels between Kanefusa Board Pro3 and conventional circular saws.

Features circular saws Kanefusa series Board Pro Plus:

We use only the best grade of Japanese steel. Kanefusa produces all stages of the plant, in Nagoya. After heat treatment at unique technology, the body of the saw becomes very flat, and steel acquires the necessary hardness, ductility and toughness. Kanefusa uses its own design editing and polishing the surface of the body saws, these processes eliminate the curvature and thickness. Well made the blade, with high rigidity, it is necessary to the saw worked long and provided the perfect cutting quality.

Saw Kanefusa series Board Pro Plus have laser slots MS-P a special form, in which optionally is injected polymer is effectively reduces mechanical vibrations of the body of the saw, resulting in the process, therefore, saw low noise.

Vibration of the blade affects:
- high level of noise during operation saws, it causes damage to the auditory nerve, incurable disease operators raskryvayuschih machines;
- reducing the time of operation of the saw blade before sharpening, because strukturnih damage particles of tungsten carbide;
- poor quality of cut, chipped laminate flooring or fiber cut.

Ultra fine grained cemented carbide Pro3 Board, which exclusive use Kanefusa, was developed in cooperation with leading manufacturer of cemented carbide in Japan. This solid alloy designed to work on wood Board materials. Circular saws Board Pro3 superior in wear resistance saws with tipped out of the ordinary hard alloy.
The process of sharpening in Kanefusa Corporation, designed the most thorough manner. Each tooth on the body of the saw is sharpened to perfection. Own cooling technology and modes of sharpening allow to create the tooth surface is like a mirror that ensures excellent clean cutting.


D diameter, mm * B thickness of cut, mm * b case thickness saws, mm * d is the hole diameter, mm * Z number of teeth, PCs
300 * 3.2 * 2.2 * 30 * 96
300 * 3.2 * 2.2 * 30 * 60
300 * 3.2 * 2.2 * 30 * 100
303 * 3.0 * 2.2 * 30 * 60

D diameter, mm * B thickness of cut, mm * b case thickness saws, mm * d is the hole diameter, mm * Z number of teeth, PCs

120 * 3.1 * 4.5 * 20 * 24
120 * 2.8 * 3.6 * 20 * 12+12
120 * 3.2 * 4.5 * 22 * 24
120 * 2.8 * 3.6 * 22 * 12+12