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Buy copper Cu, copper wire, scrap copper. Take the copper cable, the price for 1 kg of copper is High! Welcome wires shiny, piece of mix

Offer type: buyPublished: 24.11.2019
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Address:Russian Federation

Buy copper Cu, copper wire, scrap copper. Take the copper cable, price per 1 kg copper High! Receiving wire copper luster, piece of mix.

Take the cable cut (cutting the cord), scrap cable, the cable conductor, waste cable, the cable b/a with copper residential, dismantled, armored, overdue, with the state reserve or storage the remains of the cable (illiquid assets), power cable copper CCI, Laying, Tbapb, MG, APW, MF, KG, VVG, VBBSHV, KVVG, CPSP 3x10, KBC 3x16 (submersible), KMB-8/6, KMB-4, Kimbal-4, copper cable MXB HH,2, MXB HH,2, wire P-270, 272, 296.

Buy for cutting copper transformers and motors (burned down, dismantled, emergency, steel, cast iron, aluminum) copper price is expensive!

Buy/sell expensive copper A1-1 Shine (copper electrical, copper motor winding), A1-piece 1A, A1-2 mix the punch. Copper grades M1, M2, M3 GOST 1639-93.

Copper in any form - consider absolutely all versions, wastes from production of copper (copper shavings B-1-2, foil, die-cutting). Buy copper slag, sludge (the copper content of not less than 30%).

8 (904) 307-43-14 Chelyabinsk, pickup from 500kg. Pass copper, scrap copper in Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kurgan. The calculation in place, when large amounts of expensive. Payment for the services of intermediaries.