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The tractor New Holland TL5060 B..

Offer type: salePublished: 24.08.2020
Company:OOO Agrompk
Seller:Prihod'ko Viktor Grigor'evich
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

The tractor New Holland TL5060 B. W., 2008 year. State excellent.

Model: TL 5060,
Type engine: Weifang Deutz TD 226B - 4,
Volume (cm3 ): 4156,
Rated power ( kW/HP): 73.5/100,
Maximum torque (Nm) and the corresponding his speed range (rpm): 365/1400 - 1600,
Stock torque (%): 30,
Fuel pump: in-Line with mechanical management
Air filter: dry replaceable element,
Volume tank capacity (l): 127,
Type gearbox: 30 km/h, 12 - speed with synchronizer,
The number front and rear gears: 12 and 12 (switch direction motion),
Speed road (km/h) at rated the speed of the shaft: 1.8 - 29.7/1.8 - 29.1,
Type clutch and the diameter of the clutch disc (mm): Double, 305,
The ratio speeds on the shafts of the unit PTO and the engine (about./min): 540 when 2199,
Power PTO (PTO) (kW/HP): 64.5 / 87.5,
Rear bridge: Straight axle with planetary gearboxes,
Brakes: Disc brakes in oil bath with hydraulic drive,
Parking brake: Mechanical, grease,
Type and pump capacity (l/min): Sestroretsky driven from the engine, 45,
Capacity on the axis of the hinges on the lower linkage (kgf): 3342,
Capacity at a distance of 610 mm from the axis of suspension (kg): 2040,
Type steering system: Hydrostatic with independent pump and system circulation,
In rear-wheel drive (2WD): U-shaped, the cavity is adjustable,
In four wheel drive (4WD): Central drive, built-in hub reduction gears and a turning angle of 52 degrees,
Radius spread with standard tires without braking (m) 2WD: 3,9,
4 WD: 4,3,
2WD, front: 7.50 - 16 8PR,
2WD, rear: 16.9 - 34 10PR,
4WD, front: 13.6 - 24 8PR,
Min. track width of the rear wheels (mm): 1545,
Min. length (mm): 3914,
Max. height (exhaust pipe) (mm): 2540,
Type trailer hitch: Pendulum device or vertical finger Hardy and vigorous engines TL5000 is something more than ordinary tractors,
Garant their smooth and productive work - turbo four-cylinder engine brand Deutz, equipped with the system water cooling and the corresponding standard Tier 1.
High factor torque (30%) meets the needs of the demanding mounted and trailer equipment,
Low the level of fuel justify their use for light work, and low frequency technical service (300 hours) - reduces operating costs,
Choice one of the models allows to satisfy the needs of the farmers,
All models are equipped with a transmission type Shuttle Command™ with 12 front and 12 rear speeds
Tractors come in or all-wheel drive rear-wheel drive type and fitted with mechanical control system traction force
Cover hood held in the raised position gas shock absorbers, opens easy access to replaceable filters and other key power nodes installation
Thanks this, caring for tractors requires TL5000 a minimum of time and funds,
Chair any of the series tractors TL5000 - observation point with an excellent overview of the in all directions.
Typical for tractors New Holland narrow and rounded the hood allows you to maneuver in casual style even when working with a front mounted loader.
Modern view, traditionally inherent to the products New Holland ease of operation and technical maintenance, and comfort and configuration flexibility make tractors series TL5000 integral part of the success of any agricultural enterprises.
To learn management series tractors TL5000 not is easy,
All controls the levers of the box transmission and the PTO to regulators system Lift-O-Matic™ - posted within reach, and it was there, where do you expect to find them,
Cab the series tractors equipped TL5000 all-glass doors and large Windows (side and rear Windows open),
Large the surface of the glazing and thin support racks provide unobstructed view