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Scotch packaging

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:Upakovochnyie materialyi
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Packing tape is applied as in the workplace and at home. He made from biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) high the strength with the application of the adhesive layer on one side of the tape. The properties of the adhesive layer, which is based on acrylic compounds, allow you to store tapes up to 2 years and use them at low temperatures. Typically, the thickness of polypropylene base is 25 microns, and the rest is glue. The amount of glue on the "tape" can be different, and that the thickness of the adhesive layer specifies the adhesive ability of the packaging tape. From these parameters directly depends on how heavy the load, you can pack. Naturally heavier than the products you uvarovite, the wider and thicker the desired tape.

Tape thickness of 38 μm is used for easy packing boxes of corrugated Board is of good quality, sold well at markets. Great for use in the home.

Adhesive tape with a thickness of 40 μm - flawlessly works with bonding films and polyethylene, great for packing boxes with mild granular and various types of grocery products. Has sufficient frost resistance.

Tape thickness of 45 μm - packing tape with good adhesion and resistance to frost. In this tape can be Packed products in cold stores or box medium weight with a rough and rough cardboard. Consumers packaging scotches this micronote - companies that produce packaging, furniture, tools, ice cream products nutrition, etc.