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bog oak

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:GODO "Trans Tsentr"
Seller:Denis Aleksandrov
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Address:Republic of Belarus, Gomel Oblast, Gomel
Offer: Natural bog oak, Bog oak. An array of natural bog oak decent quality. The colors of the material as a whole is very diverse with a predominance of calm, noble tones. Issued a package of documents confirming the origin of the material. Edged Board and poluobrazy, humidity 8%-35%, various assortment. Boards, uncut, humidity 15% - 35%, various assortment. Timber, humidity 10% - 35%, various assortment. The set of material from bog oak for the manufacture of stairs. Board original size sm HSM. HSM. Humidity 8%-15%, Veneer of natural bog oak. Procurement of natural bog oak, for the manufacture of balusters for stairs and railings. The age of the material from 1500 years. size - HH-1000(mm), HH-1000(mm), HH-1000(mm), HH-1000(mm), HH-1000(mm). Bog oak trunks. Roots,Decorative elements. The parquet. We offer a unique trunks natural bog oak, Bog Oak, raised from the depths of the famous rivers. Trunk with charming features, large opening the possibilities for making the most creative, progressive ideas network the opportunity to create a unique masterpiece which you can decorate the most fine of the premises for any purpose. Barrel length is 6 meters, the diameter at the root neck 85cm, wingspan root 150cm, diameter of the trunk is not consistent diameter in the upper part of the trunk sm Color - Black. Dry. Humidity is 25%. The barrel is lifted from the famous river Berezina. The age of the barrel is from 3000 years. Determining the exact age of the barrel in laboratory radiocarbon analysis. We offer Conventional, smooth natural log bog oak, BOG OAK. Length 4m, diameter 30cm. The Color Black. Age from 2500 years. Dry. Humidity -25%. Excellent surface layer, without mechanical damage. We offer a unique hollow portions of the trunks of natural bog oak, BOG OAK. View of the barrel VASE. The trunk is hollow, the diameter of the neck root -100 see Root- the scope of 150cm. The length of the barrel with the root part 4 meters. Extracted from the famous river Dnipro. The age of 1200 years. The barrel has no mechanical damage. The outer layer is a unique Shagreen. Form and view of the barrel allow the most unexpected, exquisite, fantastic project. A specific proposal for the sale of natural bog oak. Contacts : +375 29 1854405