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Herbicide Miura (August), buy, price, sale, delivery to Ukraine. Price 16 $ HP Original

Offer type: salePublished: 17.08.2023
Price:16 $
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Address:Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast', Ukraine, Khmel'nyts'kyy

Active substance: hisamoto-P-ethyl 125 g/L.

Form of the drug: emulsifiable concentrate.

Manufacturer: August

The drug Miura system protivorakovye selective herbicide action sheet, post-harvest. Effective in combating many years annual and perennial weeds in fields of sugar beets, potatoes, flax, soybeans, vegetables, etc. Miura destroys nadzemnuyu part and root system of the weeds. The drug has a wide range apply and are payable at different stages of development of cultivated plants. On dicotyledonous weeds Miura is not valid. Therefore, it is necessary the drug use in tank mixtures with protivovandalnymi herbicides.

Use on crops: sugar Beet, dining room and feed, carrots, onions, cabbage, potatoes, spring and winter rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, peas, flax.

Spectrum herbicide activity: annual cereal: meliza, reed Canary grass, Alopecurus, ordinary oats, millet, chicken, spickle PPE, spickle green, weed blood, the fire, the chaff, the sowings grain, bluegrass annual; perennial grass: cynodon dactylon, Elytrigia repens, Guma, bluegrass plain, bent white, Vatanka, the common reed.

The speed of impact: 7-10 days of the first symptoms appear oppression weed - yellow shoot tips. After 7-18 days weeds completely killed ( depending on weather conditions and type weeds). If within 2 hours after treatment with some rains, efficacy may be reduced. While complying with regulations applications not phytotoxic for dicotyledonous crops. Not desirable treatment with herbicide crops that are under stress due to frost, wind, insect injury, malnutrition or make the previously herbicides.

The flow rate of the working fluid: 200 - 300 l/ha In the case of a tight fit culture or severe contamination of crops the rate of flow of the working the solution should be increased.

Packaging: 5L canister