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Herbicide Poynter 75 C. G. (Brand: DuPont)

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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Herbicide Poynter 75 C.,

Manufacturer: DuPont

Active substance: Tribenuron-methyl (750 g/kg)

Scope of application: Wheat, barley, rye

Poynter is a systemic herbicide for post-harvest fight against dicotyledonous weeds. Herbicide stops cell division sensitive weeds, resulting in their growth ceases a few hours after treatment. Visible symptoms appear after 5-8 days, and the destruction of weeds coming through 12-21 day. Warm and humid weather increases the speed of deistvujuchich, and cool and dry - slows it down. The basic unit of 0.5 kg Selectivity Poynter selective relative to wheat, barley and rye from 2-leaf to flag leaf. The best efficiency from the stage 3 leaves before the first internode of culture, which corresponds to the stage development of weeds 3 to 6 leaves. Effective against annual weeds Poynter is usually more effective when it is used in the early stages of development, actively growing weeds. It is important to control the stage of development of weeds to determine the most the effective period for use Poynter. Effective against perennial weeds Poynter key controls perennial weeds in grain crops, including Thistle pink. System action Poynter allows you to penetrate through the leaves to the roots and cut. As Poynter absorbed by the leaves, it must be used at a time when all weeds sprout and well developed. The best period of weed control pink - phase socket - start booting.