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Color sorter Zorkiy

Offer type: salePublished: 10.02.2015

1.Sorting of a wide spectrum of granulated materials;
2. Newest technologies in optics and mechanics;
3. Exclusive RGB LED lighting;
4. Unique software;
5. High-detail image processing, minimal flaw size at 0,13mm;
6. Increased sorting accuracy;
7. Intelligent product quality control system;
8. Possibility of individual camera setup according to the customer’s need: monochromatic, bichromatic, NIR, InGaAs and RGB options;
9. High sensitivity CCD cameras with a 2048 pixel resolution;
10. Image processing without delay or distortion, optimum reading speed;
11. Ability to select the size of faulty spots on the surface of grains;
12. Possibility of sorting according to two separate parameters of faulty spots, also by two parameters on one grain simultaneously;
13. Absence of blind zones during product examination;
14. 15,6” touch screen control panel;
15. Possibility of the analysis of a photo\video grab of the sorted product;
16. Visualization of setting and operation of the sorter;
17. Module construction;
18. Automatic self-cleaning system in the field of view;
19. High-reliability ergonomic design;