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Lawyers Sevastopol

Offer type: servicesPublished: 28.02.2014
Seller:Anna Leonidovna
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Address:Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Your problems is our job! What causes you anxiety, fears, our daily work.
Law firm Legal city provides legal services, legal protection of citizens, provides legal support to the business.
Why We:
•we interact with clients in a language which they understand (without the use of complicated legal terms);
•you clearly know what you've ordered and what you get as a result - we do not sell a pig in a poke."
•we explain to the client how we will defend its interests;
•we regularly inform clients about the results of our work
•customer convenient meeting appoint you at a convenient time and convenient manner - in the office, at a client's office, on the Internet ...;
•our company has no clearly defined business day, limited time. The company determined solely by the needs of Our clients.
•you are always with us online, in a convenient form (telephone, e-mail, Skype, SOC. network....)
Solve Your problems, focusing on:
•registration of companies, registration of documents
•comprehensive support for real estate transactions
•land disputes
•debt collection
•disputes about property
•inheritance disputes
•housing disputes, eviction, damages
•division of property
•representation of interests of Russian citizens in Sevastopol
•representation in courts
•preparation of statements, claims, complaints, contracts....
•disputes with banks, insurance companies
•remote legal service
•subscription service of legal entities and individuals
Solve Your problems by offering the following legal services:
•registration of company
•registration of company with the participation of non-residents
•registration of physical persons - entrepreneurs
•registration of changes in LLC, PE / SPD
•change of the founders, Directors, legal address
•obtaining an identification code for a non-resident
•obtaining extracts, extracts, certificates from the state register
•legal support of transactions with real estate
•free legal advice before buying a property
•check the developer when buying in new buildings (the primary)
•child support for adult child
•recovery of cost of maintenance of the child
•debt collection
•damages, penalty, interest, lost profits
•remote legal services litigation
•remote review of contracts
•get legal services from the comfort of home
•legal services in Sevastopol customers from other regions
•eviction from the premises
•if a person has lost the right to use the living room
•to protect the interests of bona fide purchaser
•damages caused by the Bay apartments
•advice on wills
•recognition of wills invalid
•consumer protection
•make the claim
•land disputes (land, shares)
•disputes about the boundaries of the land
•division of land between owners
•invalidation of transactions with land
•full legal support of the acquisition of land
•a complaint against actions (inaction) of a state contractor
•enforcement of court decisions
•oral and written legal advice
•inheritance disputes
•extension of the deadline for acceptance of inheritance
•inheritance acceptance and renunciation of inheritance
•recognition of the right of ownership
•we represent the client's interests in court
•make a claim, application, petition, complaint in court
•make an objection against the claim
•challenge the court decision
•legal assistance to the citizens of Russia when buying real estate in Sevastopol
•represent Your interests in Sevastopol - Crimea
•part of the common property
•dissolution of marriage (divorce)
•establishment of paternity
•contesting of paternity
•make a statement, a receipt, a complaint letter...
•develop, prepare any contract
•legal review of contracts and documents
•disputes with insurance companies, banks
•reimbursement payments from insurance companies
•protection of the rights of the entrepreneur
•assistance in the purchase of, sale of the business, share in the business
•accompany client on transactions, negotiations, meetings...
•legal service family
•legal service enterprises
We know the laws that protect Your interests.