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Sell Tractor, HTA 200-02M (front)

Offer type: salePublished: 23.02.2014
Seller:Strahov Aleksandr Sergeevich
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Address:Russian Federation, Yaroslavskaya Oblast'
Tractor, HTA 200-02M (front) front mounted equipment with capacity of 6T (on axis
suspension), installed protective grid cabin Windows, headlights, radiator. Re-
fountain roller PTO with oil cooler, a friction disk hydropad-
secure coupling (Austria).
Cabin with air conditioning and audio system, tires 23, 1-26. Designed for
working with attachments, fixed front (shredders
(mullery), brush cutters, rotary snow blowers, equipment for compa-
of stumps, mowers, harvesters, tillage tools, etc.).
Specifications of tractor HTA-200-02 M
Wheel diagram 4x4
Engine model D-260.4 ( MMP - Minsk motor plant )
Rated power, kW (HP) 154 (210)
Fuel rate at operating power, g/kWh (g/HP h) 227 (167)
Speed, rpm 2100
Clutch dry single-disc "LuK" (Germany)
Manual transmission with hydraulic shifting on the fly without breaking the flow of power
The number of gears forward/reverse 12/4
Speed, forward speed, km/h 0.5-44.20
Speed, reverse, km/h 0.6-18.60
The PTO and engine speed, rpm independent, two-speed, 540 or 1000
Traction, maximum, kg 6000
Hinged device, the back option
Hinged device, the front two-cylinder, capacity up to 6000 kg
Bus 23, 1R26 or 66x43, 00R25 or 28LR26
Operating weight, kg 8525
( it is possible to install the engine YAMZ 236 M)
Price 2 172 200 rubles.
Delivery in regions.