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Medical marker E-8020 marker for skin

Offer type: salePublished: 23.02.2014
Seller:Nikolaev Nikolaj
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk
Special marker Edding-8020 is intended for plotting resistant, resistant to destruction, inscriptions on human skin in different areas of medicine.
Case medical marker for skin made from durable plastic. Marker E-8020 has a soft bullet-shaped tip. Writing the node marker for skin is made so that when a letter is not required clicking on the marker. Fine tip marker allows to apply high-precision marking on any part of the body.
Marker Edding 8020 is widely used in radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, and plastic surgery and dermatology. Widely used in medical centers and clinics. The special composition of water-based inks of this medical marker water based does not cause allergic reactions and has antibacterial properties. Ink has virtually no odor. The line width of 1.0 mm Color red and blue. Attention! Marker Edding-8020, due to their structural peculiarities, cannot be subjected to full sterilization, so it cannot be used for marking the inside of the operating room.
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