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For sale: large house, Slobozia , Moldova.

Offer type: salePublished: 21.02.2014
Seller:Nikolaev Nikolaj
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Address:Republic of Moldova, Slobozia
The total area of the estate with the housing 8 acres
1) residential house 1st floor mud Gen. pl. 69.2 square meters
3 rooms, kitchen, veranda, sauna. gas heating, water, gas geyser. a sauna and a veranda from Fortran, insulated, plastered. the drainage holes 2 pieces 3 3 depth 6 m
2) Newly constructed building made of stone 2-story, reinforced concrete slabs, roof coating-metal tile , slate 8 waves. the total area of 350 square meters. In the phase of finishing works under specialization:
- retail space for organizing store food and non food products
- possibility of installation of miniline for the production of different directions: brewing,minipekarnja,smokehouse,canned , juices, etc.
-the organization is not a large Wellness centre with different physical treatments including dental, etc.
- the possibility of organizing a small Assembly lines:computer Assembly,other non-volume devices.
3) Water, gas, electricity
4) Basement: brick, plastered on the floor tile, ceiling reinforced concrete, the total area of 12 square meters
5) Pyramid 3/3 height 6 meters of brick
6) garden (planting 3.5) years. the Isabella grapes, pink. Cherry spanka 8 trunks. Cherry 5 trunks. Pear, plum, quince, walnut, peach.
Price : 500 000 $