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Representative in Turkmenistan.

Offer type: salePublished: 19.02.2014

Territorially I live in Ashkhabad. I will organise participation in the state, building and commercial tenders, search of partners, customers, buyers of the goods or consumers of your services. I guarantee preparation of constituent documents, for their giving in bodies of the state registration.
And also: the Representative in Turkmenistan on polypropylene mineral oil, gasoline, сжиженный gas, black oil, дизтопливо и.т.д. Representation of your interests at a stock exchange of Turkmenistan, the broker. A stock exchange site: Participation at the auctions, prize purchase under your requirement, registration of all shipping documents and shipment to the customer. Representation of interests of your company at the Stock exchange, Gosstandart, Customs, Seaport (Туркменбаши), ТЖД, and the other organisations. Experience is available. mail: bodies: +993 12 961712 моб: +993 12 65 647656