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The telescope refractor Levenhuk Strike 50 NG

Offer type: salePublished: 19.02.2014
Seller:Ivanov Alexandr Tsena: 2100grn
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Universal children's telescope Levenhuk Strike 50 NG perfect for a General overview of the constellations, will allow you to see the craters on the moon, spots on the Sun, zones on the disk of Jupiter and its four largest satellites, the phases of Venus, the presence of Saturn's rings, the components of double stars with a spacing of 2.5 seconds of arc. And all of this is already out of the box.
Junior model series Strike NG is focused mainly on children and adolescents. Altazimuthal mount requires no Assembly and is easy to manage. Telescope with optical accessories supplied, gives increase up to 200 times and can equally well to conduct astronomical observations, and ground.
Telescopes Levenhuk Strike NG - this brand new series of telescopes for beginners. You no longer need to deal with complicated settings, to suffer with unbearable device Assembly, to deal in a wide range of accessories now have telescopes Levenhuk Strike NG! These telescopes come in a truly advanced configuration: you get a telescope, optical accessories for conducting terrestrial and astronomical observations, as well as many benefits for the first acquaintance with astronomy and detailed study. That is why Levenhuk Strike NG is an excellent choice for any novice observer, interested in science.
Picking telescope includes a complete set of accessories, allowing exciting observations every beginner astronomer-Amateur. Using colorful manuals and software even an untrained observer will be able to find the starry sky is an object of interest. Wealth picking complemented by appearance: Levenhuk Strike 50 NG comes in a colorful box in the Russian language. That is why Levenhuk Strike 50 NG is an ideal gift that can attract everyone's attention at the ceremony and be pleased with the wide functionality of its owner.
The optical scheme of the refractor-Achromat
Lens diameter (aperture) 50 mm
Focal length 600 mm
Aperture f/12.0
The maximum useful magnification 100x
Penetrating power (magnitude limit) 10.6
Resolution 2.8"
Focuser swivel (360°), 0.965" (24.5 mm)
Eyepieces F20мм, F6мм 0.965" (24.5 mm)
Finder Red Dot 3x20
The crowbar symmetrical English with a yoke mount (ultimately)
Tripod metal, two-piece
Tripod height adjustable, 630-1080 mm
Telescope Strike 50 NG on the symmetrical English (ultimately) the crowbar with the yoke.
Two-section metal tripod.
Plastic focuser 0.965".
0.965 Eyepieces": F20мм, F6мм.
The Barlow lens 3x.
Finder 3x20.
The diagonal mirror.
The book is a guide to action "you have a telescope. What to do next?" with description 280 the most interesting objects in the night sky.
A set of posters "Moon", "Sun and other stars", "Solar system".
The planisphere - mobile-map of the starry sky.
Drive - Stellarium - 3D virtual planetarium for easy orientation in the starry spaces.
A compass.
The user manual.
Warranty card (3 year guarantee).