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Dynamometer with feature weights up to 10 tons of WRIA

Offer type: salePublished: 09.06.2017
Seller:Mihajlov Svyatoslav
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Address:Moscow, Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
For those who work with metal and constructions company "Delivery of Metrology" simply advises to pay attention to the dynamometers with feature weights series WRIA-0 BE "Metal".
The proposed model with the highest limit of measurement:
To 500 VGA-0/BA - 5 kN / 500kg;
- C VGA-0/BE up to 10kn / 1,000 kg;
To 2000 VGA-0/BE up to 20kn / 2000 kg
To 3000 VGA-0/BE up to 30kN / 3000 kg;
To 5000 VGA-0/BE up to 50kn / 5000 kg;
To 10000 VGA-0/BE to kN / 10000 kg
Units: kN, kg
Power supply: 4 x AA batteries 1.5 Century.
Aluminum case, the function scales and the dynamometer.
The measurement error is ±0.05%.
Compensation package.
Operating temperature - 10°C ~ + 40°C.
Working temperature preserving health (possible increased accuracy) -20 +50.
Certificate of calibration included.
Option: remote display.
Your savings are real and visible up to 30%.
On the company's website ( You will find technical descriptions, photos, rates.
Delivery (shipment) on the day of order. Any region of Russia.
Svyatoslav Mikhailov
Sales Delivery Metrology"
Phone (495) 9025610