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Crane scales 10 tons of WRDA OBE. Compare the offers for the SITE, the delivery of all Russia.

Offer type: salePublished: 09.06.2017
Seller:Mihajlov Svyatoslav
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Address:Moscow, Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Scales VGA-TYPE 1 - 10 tons METSU (Metrology Supply) - "Supply of Metrology" advises customers with high quality, high tehnologichnoi products with special design and, at the same time, relatively low cost, simple operation, high protection from dust and moisture "not afraid of mud". On the website the real price with VAT, technical characteristics of products.
Crane hanging scale TO 10,000 VGA-0/BA Metal
•Highest measuring range: 10000 kg
•Accuracy: 5 kg
•The remote control to work at a distance
•Temperature range: -30ºC ~ +50ºC
•Certificate of calibration included
The company "Delivery Metrology, Moscow also offers to pay attention to electronic hanging crane scale series VGA-TYPE-0/BE the Metal with the highest limit of the measurement:
- C TYPE up to 300 kg;
- C SPECIES - up to 500 kg;
- C VIEW up to 1,000 kg;
- C SPECIES - up to 2,000 kg;
- C VGA up to 3.000 kg;
- C VGA up to 5,000 kg;
- C VGA up to 10.000 kg
Certificate of calibration included.
Easy to use, does not require training. Reliable, rugged, unpretentious.
Not inferior to the advertised goods, while Your savings will amount to 30%.
The company "Delivery of Metrology - Metrology Supply will also put You on favorable terms:
- economy class crane scales with ranges as up to 300 kg and up to 30 tons;
- dynamometers, a large selection of models of any load 5kN (500 kg load) up to 500 KN (500 ton load) on Your needs;
- force sensors load cells with a rated load of 50 kg to 20,000 kg;
- truck scales all types of use (stationary and portable), and any load;
- electronic measuring equipment and machinery of any foreign and Russian manufacturers on Your interest.
On the company's website ( You will find technical descriptions, photos, rates.
Delivery (shipment) on the day of order. Any region of Russia.
Svyatoslav Mikhailov
Sales Delivery Metrology"
Phone (495) 9025610