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Mastic cable MB 60/70 bitumen to fill couplings. Packing 40 kg

Offer type: salePublished: 12.02.2014
Seller:Vasil'evich Anton
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia
1. Description:
1.1 Bituminous oil compositions to fill the clutch cable joints, terminations power and control cables, sealing and isolation I / o cable tracks and conductors in buildings electrical machines, transformers and other
1.2 MB-70/60 - weight bituminous (prepared by oxidation of the residual products of direct distillation of crude oil or compounding of oxidized residual products).
1.3 MB-70/60 - letters "MB" refers to bitumen mass, figure 70 - the dropping temperature, and figure 60 - the average softening temperature.
2.1. Cable mass is heated in a special metal container with a spout and cap. In the cover must be mounted cartridge for a thermometer. It is FORBIDDEN to heat up unopened cans of cable mass.
2.2 Filling buckets is not more than 2/3 of its volume, to eliminate the possibility of leakage of mastic from the bucket and sunbathing.
2.3 Heating the mastic is in electromaterials, gas reheaters or in a coal brazier. Preheat the pan with the composition of the directly-fired roasters, a blowtorch or a gas burner is not permitted. Electromotively type ARKM-2 heats at one time 4-8 kg of composition. It has four stages of heating energy consumption 1320, 880, 440,3 00 Tue., the power supply voltage of 220 C. With the heating of the mastic in a coal brazier make sure that between the layer of coal in the hearth and the bottom of the vessel there was a sufficient distance to protect the vessel from burning. Hasingredient consists of a steel cylinder in the upper part of which there are two rows of holes for escape of gases and one row of holes at the bottom for the air supply. In the middle part of the cylinder is placed a ring burner supply pipe. A bucket of mastic is installed in the cylinder. The magnitude of the flame should be adjusted so that the flames do not go beyond the cylinder in the exhaust hole. You need to monitor and take action against ignition cable mass, which can be an excessive flame or smudges mass on the surface of the bucket. In case of ignition cable weight you should first immediately close the valve on the cylinder and the valve at razogrevalis and put out the fire by closing the bucket with metal cover. Gas razogrevaem can only be used outdoors, i.e. outside the premises.
2.4 Suitable to the fill weight is crystal clear surface. Foam or cracking when heated mass indicate the presence of moisture (such a mass to fill cannot be used). It is not recommended to keep for a long time the temperature of the heated cable mass is close to valid. Boiling and burnt mass to fill couplings and fittings are not suitable. It should be transferred, the bucket cleaned and preheated new mass.
2.5 When heating the paste is stirred with a clean dry metal, pre-heated spoon or metal rod.
2.6 Heating of the mass, its pouring and carrying should be done in canvas gloves and protective glasses. Sleeve clothing should be tied at the wrist over mittens or need to apply mitts in length to the elbow.
2.7 do not pour the heated mastic on wet surface, because it is possible splashing of molten particles.
2.8 it is FORBIDDEN to share capacity with the heated mass of hands. When transferring, you need to put it on the ground or on a solid Foundation.
2.9 Before pouring to be discharged through the spout of the vessel a small amount of mass to clear away the rubbish and dust.
2.9.1 In the cold season cables (funnel) before filling their hot cable mass must be heated.
2.9.2 When working in manholes, tunnels and indoor heating the mass should be performed only outside the well, space. Lowering special closed dishes in the well to produce on the metal rope carabiner fastened. The host should stand aside and not to come close to dropping the dishes prepared on site. Rise to perform similarly.