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Transformer for heating the concrete KTP-ABOUT-63

Offer type: salePublished: 10.02.2014
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
Transformer for heating the concrete KTP-ABOUT-63
067247-65-30 characteristics of transformer oil Name KTP-63-B CTPT-80 Power kW CV On the side of high voltage 380V 380V open circuit Voltage at the MV side 49B-60V-70 V-85C-V-V 49B-60V-70 V-85C-V-21B Side of CH, voltage 520 at 49‑70 V,AND at 660 49‑70 V,AND the Side of CH, naruga 301(85,103,121 In--(A) 382(85,103,121 In And characteristic of a dry transformer. Name TPMS-20 Power 20 kVA 50 Hz Phase 3 rated voltage HV winding To LV 380/220, 12.4-24.8-49.7-66.0 Nemaline current HV And LV 30.4/52.6-465-375-235-175 S Dania Star/Delta Idling speed of 7.5 % Loss stroke 200 watts Loss K. Z., W 460 Characteristic of oil-immersed transformers. Name KTP-160 PTS-250 Power, high side 160 kW each 250kW Voltage, high side 380V 380V Voltage low side prananda 51B report 58W V 85V V V V V Voltage low side joining V 100V V V V V 150V V Phase high side 230V 230V Phase low side 450A 450A