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Sell diesel Locomotive TGM-2002 4B.after cap. repair.

Offer type: salePublished: 08.02.2014
Seller:Voronin Evgenij
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Address:Russian Federation
Sell diesel Locomotive TGM-2002 after the overhaul.
The recently renovated in February 2013.
Passed the test. Fully ready for operation.
Considering selling installment or lease-purchase.
Location: , Lyudinovo
A detailed list of works on repair:
1. Overhaul diesel with full replacement piston.(crankshaft 0 gr.)
2. Overhaul PHA
3. Overhaul of the compressor.
4. Complete replacement of Elektroprivody.(with power cable)
5. Installed new battery.
6. Installed new BKB.
7. Capital repair of gear fan.
8. Capital repair oil and fuel pre-supply units.
9. Installed new speed gauge North lawn building-2M P
10. Overhaul of the undercarriage of the locomotive with the replacement drive shafts for the new ones.
11. Produced the groove of wheel pairs, the diameter of the rolling circle mm.
12. Overhaul of the machine unit.
13. Repair gear drive generator.
14. Overhaul of air and brake system of the locomotive, followed by crimping.
15. Overhaul of the cooling system with subsequent crimping.
16. Revision of the oil system of the locomotive, followed by crimping.
17. Overhaul of the cab with subsequent painting
18. Major repairs of car body of the locomotive.
19. Overhaul of the refrigerating chamber of a diesel locomotive.
20. Made a painting of the locomotive.
21. The replacement of all appliances.
22. Produced alignment of all units.
23. Was the replacement of the cab.
24. The full set of documents.
The warranty period for all types of work one year from the date of entry of the locomotive in operation,with all THE subsequent.
Price: 12 million rubles with VAT .