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Vibratory pile driver excavator

Offer type: salePublished: 05.02.2014
Seller:Kalaev Oleg Ivanovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Kaluzhskaya Oblast', Kaluga
The company "Professional" sells vibrators of various brands of excavators by cheapest rate in Russia. We each customer can buy vibro under any type of employment: immersion grooves Larsen, pipes of different diameters (from 150 mm to 620 mm), I-beams, as well as retrieve them.
The vibro used in the construction of objects on sandy and clay soils, on the banks of rivers, seas. The vibro is indispensable for the construction of various hydraulic structures - piers jetties, ports, bridges, strengthening the shoreline, storm sewers, etc.,
Depending on the form of submerged piles are selected different grips for vibro. For immersion Larssen sheet piling and pipe diameter 260 ~ 410 applies a standard capture, dive the tubular piles smaller diameter is used, a special Golovnin for pipes. For immersion or extraction of tubular piles with a diameter of more than 420 mm uses a special double pipe clamp. For immersion concrete piles, apply a special capture, was developed by company Dandong-appeared Eng. Thus one vibro you can score as Larssen sheet piling and reinforced concrete piles with pipes of different diameters, just changing grips.
The principle of operation of the vibrators based on the vibration transmitted to the object dives (extraction) and aimed at reducing friction during vibration between the ground and the object of immersion (extraction). The vibro produces high-frequency fluctuations, when in the case of eccentric weights rotate in opposite directions. Vibrator cling to the pipe or pile by means of a hydraulic gripper, which is attached to the bottom plate of the chassis. When this high-frequency vibrations transmitted to the pipe (the tongue) alternately changing the direction of the vertical force.
The advantage of vibrators is easy to install, high efficiency when working in clay and sandy soils, ease of control and the ability to work anywhere, even in very narrow and difficult to access for heavy equipment.