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Water pumps centrifugal submersible borehole ECV

Offer type: salePublished: 05.02.2014
Seller:Kalenskaya Majya Yur'evna Yur'evna
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Address:Russian Federation, Chuvashia, Izhevsk
The company "PRO-M" will deliver on the best conditions in a short time from a warehouse and under the order:
The electric pump unit ECV is designed for lifting drinking water from artesian wells for the implementation of urban, industrial and agricultural water supply, irrigation, and other similar
Design features
The unit consists of an asynchronous motor and a multistage centrifugal pump parts, connected by a rigid coupling. The pump rotor and the rotor of the electric motor rotate in the rubber-metal bearings. In the bottom of the motor is the thrust bearing, perceiving axial load. At the entrance to the pumping part is installed protective mesh filter protects the pump against ingress of large particles. The motor wires are used with squirrel-cage rotor, synchronous speed 3000 rpm "Squirrel cage" rotor made of copper. The stator winding is made of waterproof wire. Cooling of the motor is pumping water. The unit is connected to three-phase mains 380V, 50Hz through the station control and protection that protects the motor from working in non-standard conditions. The connection should be made cable SVC-section corresponding to the current consumption.
Legend of the electric pump unit:
For example:
where: ECV - type unit;
8 - the inner diameter of casing in inches;
40 - rated flow, m3/h;
90 - par head, m,
Conventions on the graphical characteristics:
Q - flow, m3/h;
H head, m,
N is the maximum power consumption, kW;
n - rotational speed, Rev/min;
- Efficiency, %;
- allowed positive suction head;
Products factory performance, has all necessary certificates and documents.
Has a progressive discounts for regular customers. Waiting for your requests.
Maya Y.
LLC "PRO-M" , Izhevsk
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