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Condensate pumps type CWS

Offer type: salePublished: 05.02.2014
Seller:Kalenskaya Majya Yur'evna Yur'evna
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Address:Russian Federation, Chuvashia, Izhevsk
The company "PRO-M" will deliver on the best conditions in a short time from a warehouse and under the order:
The purpose
The condensate pumps type CWS and pump units on their basis type Axv are designed for pumping condensate in the steam and water networks of heat and power units of thermal power plants and clean water with temperature up to 140 0C in the systems of heat and water supply.
Pumps condensate CWS - centrifugal, vertical, single-threaded, single - or multistage, double-hulled with removable inner casing section type. Pump CWS 200-130 - impeller of the first stage of bilateral input. The outer casing welded pipe welded to the piping. Bearings of the rotor are: bottom - bearing, built to work on the medium being pumped; the upper - external bearings with plastic or crankcase lubricant. Unloading of the rotor against axial forces using hydraulic balancing device or unloading of the drum. Shaft seal - mechanical with gland packing (or not specified) interchangeable with mechanical end (-T).
• cases, covers and partitions - forgings and rolled sheet of carbon steel;
• parts of the flow-casting and forgings from chromium steel HL and 30CH13;
• details of the slot seals - nesadurai corrosion resistant alloys;
• shaft - rolled steels alloyed structural steel 40X.
Products factory performance, has all necessary certificates and documents.
Has a progressive discounts for regular customers. Waiting for your requests.
Maya Y.
LLC "PRO-M" , Izhevsk
phone/Fax: (3412)790-593
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