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Perforated trays

Offer type: salePublished: 05.02.2014
Seller:Albion Group Albion Group Albion Group
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The company "Albion Group offers perforated trays polzuyuschiesya in different conditions. A wide range of components, installation and system accessories allows you to plot the route of any complexity. The perfect solution for factories and warehouses, shopping and business centers, with flexible execution and different kinds of trays. The importance of indispensability for correct cable infrastructure social and organizational objects. Trays DKC comply with the European norms and law are popular in markets all over the world! Fabricated cable trays for high-forming lines and forming complexes for perforation. By construction, the trays are divided into deaf, welded ladder type and perforated tray that allows you to fasten cables and wire buckles, mounting tapes, straps, clamps.