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AC contactor, contactor DC contactor vacuum

Offer type: salePublished: 04.02.2014
Seller:ZAO "Novocheboksarskij elektromehanicheskij zavod" otdel sbyita
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Address:Russian Federation, Chuvashia, Cheboksary
Always available and under the order:
Contactor CT 6013 380V 220V CT-6012 CT contactor CT B 380V contactor CT-6023 380V 220V contactor CT B 380V CT 6022 CT contactor CT S CT S CT S CT S CT S CT S contactor CT 6033 380V 220V contactor CT B 380V CT 6032 CT contactor CT 6043 380V 220V CT 6042 CT contactor CT B 380V contactor CT 6053 380V 220V CT 6052 CT contactor CT 6063 380V 220V CT contactor CT 5013 380V 220V CT contactor CT 5023 380V 220V CT contactor CT-5033 380V 220V CT contactor CT-5043 380V 220V CT contactor CT 5053 380V 220V CT
Contactor EC-604 220V KW contactor EC-605 220V KW contactor ktpv-623 220V 110V CTPV contactor ktpv-624 220V 110V CTPV contactor CT 6051/3 CT 6052/2 CT 6052/3 CT 6053/2 CT 6062 contactor efficiency-121 220V 63A 80A 25A contactor efficiency-A 220V 60A 63A 25A contactor KTK-20 220V 63A 80A 25A CPC 1-20
The vacuum contactor Q1-160-220V 3 Q1-160-2 contactor KV 1-160-3 220 KV 1-160-2 vacuum contactor Q1-250-220V 3 Q1-250-2 contactor KV 1-250-3 220 KV 1-250-2 vacuum contactor Q1-400-220V 3 Q1-400-2 contactor KV 1-400-3 220 KV 1-400-2 reversing contactor Q1-160-3P Q1-250-3P Q1-400-3P contactor QTR2-160-3 QTR2-250-3 contactor QTR2-400-3 QTR2-630-3
Contactor KTP-6013 220V KTP-6012 CTP contactor KTP-6014 contactor KTP-6023 220V contactor KTP-6022 KTP-6024 CTP contactor KTP-6033 220V contactor KTP-6032 KTP-6034 CTP contactor KTP-6043 220V KTP-6042 CTP contactor KTP-6053 220V KTP-6052 CTP
Contactor MK1-21 MK1-22 MK1-55 MK1-66 MK1-84 MK1-01 MK1-10 MK1-11 MK1-20M MK1-02 MK2-MK2 01-10 220V MK2-11 contactor MK2-20 220V MK2-02 MK3-01 contactor MK3-10 220V MK3-11 contactor MK3-20 220V MK4-01 MK4-10 220V MK4-11 MK4-20 220V MK4-22 MK1-30 MK2-220V 30 MK1-D MK3-D MC-01 MC-10 220V MC-10P MC-20 contactor MK6-10 220V MK6-10P MK6-20 MK6-20N MK6-30 220V MK6-20 POINTS MK6-MK6 20T-30P MK6-30T contactor MK2-20B 220V
Contactor knye-020 knye-030 12V 24V 27V 110V 220V knye-U knye-U knye-120 knye-130 knye-220 knye-230 CED-020 CED-030 SOI-120 CED-130 CED-CED 220-230 TCS-501 DOD TS-DD TCS-601 DOD TS-DT KM-600 DV KM-DV
Low prices, guarantee quality, shipment to Russia.
Details on the website The application can be left on the Phone (8352) 747-330, 730-600 or E-mail: