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Cover clamps end CT, DIN rail, accessories for terminal blocks

Offer type: salePublished: 04.02.2014
Seller:ZAO "Novocheboksarskij elektromehanicheskij zavod" otdel sbyita
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Address:Russian Federation, Chuvashia, Cheboksary
Always available and under the order:
Unit test B-4 BI BI-4M BIM BI-4-M, unit testing B-6 BI BI-6M BIM BI-6TH, cover blank CH-4 CH CH-4M CHM CH-4-M, blank cover CH-6 CH CH-6M CHM CH-6-M, plug control SHK-4 shk4 cross cabinets SHK-4M SQM SHK-4-M, plug control SHK-6 SHK SHK-6M SCM SHK-6-M, the pad contact NKR-3 NKR NKR-C NCRP (replacement pickguard NKR-2 NCR), the overlay NKR-3 NKR NKR-C NCRP.
BSN BSN 27 BSN BSN 28 to terminal block cover terminal block end CT-1 KT1 end cap CT-2 CT end cap CT-3 CT end cap CT-4 CT end cap CT-5 CT cover strip end CT-6 CT end cap CT-7 CT end cap CT-8 CT end cap CT-9 CT end cap CT-10 CT end cap CT-11 CT cover strip end CT-12 CT end cap CT-13 CT end cap CT-18 CT cover end CT 25 KT.
For terminal block BSN BSN BSN 27 BSN DIN rail P2-1 P2-1, for terminal block BSN BSN BSN 27 BSN DIN rail DIN rail P2-2 P2-2 P2-3 P2-3, for terminal block BSN BSN BSN 27 BSN DIN rail is C-shaped With rail P3-1 P3-1.
For terminal block BSN BSN BSN BSN end clamp clamp KP KP-1 KP1 KP-2 CP2 CPU KP-U KP-U CPU CPU, for terminal block BSN BSN BSN BSN jumper PP-1 FG1 FG1-AND PP-1 AND PP 1-AND PPI jumper PM-1 PM, for terminal block insulator P1 P-1 I And-7 I8-8 And 10 And-10, for terminal block BSN BSN BSN BSN holder marking KM1 KM 1 km 2 KM 2 KM 3 KM 3 cover sealing KZ 3 CS CLR SC-C SC-4 KS KS-5 KS KS-6 KS cover protective KZ 1 KZ KZ KS-2 terminal block CB-10 CB terminal block CB-16 CB terminal block CB-25 CB terminal block CB-63 KB.
For terminal block BSN BSN BSN tag marking bridge bridge M2-2 M2-2 M2-3 M2-3U M2-4 M2-4U M2-5 M2-5U M2-6 M2-6U M2-7 M2-7U M2-8 M2-8U M2-9 M2-9U M2-10 M2-E bridge bridge M3-2 M3-2 M3-3 M3-3U M3-4 M3-4U M3-5 M3-5U M3-6 M3-6U M3-7 M3-7U M3-8 M3-8U M3-9 M3-9U M3-10 M3-E bridge bridge M4-2 M4-2 M4-3 M4-3U M4-4 M4-4U M4-5 M4-5U M4-6 M4-6U M4-7 M4-7U M4-8 M4-8U M4-9 M4-9U M4-10 M4-E bridge bridge M5-2 M5-2 M5-3 M5-3U M5-4 M5-4U M5-5 M5-5U M5-6 M5-6U M5-7 M5-7U M5-8 M5-8U M5-9 M5-9U M5-10 M5-U ... until M12-10.
Low prices, guarantee quality, delivery regions.
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