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Coffee tea

Offer type: salePublished: 04.02.2014
Seller:V Vadim
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Address:Russian Federation
To help lovers of tea and coffee preparation, to save them time, save them from searching for the beverage industry machines and capitalize on this
offer You tea, coffee and hot drinks Premium in innovative disposable paper cups and a La carte tea sticks directly
with manufacturers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
As for disposable brewing directly in the Cup represent natural ground coffee in Japanese bags, Blend, as well as bagged and loose leaf teas from world famous Brands "Ramy" and "Golden Elephant"
Wholesale deliveries in the Russian Federation! Delivery, pickup! Guarantee!
Minimum order - 15 thousand rubles.
As a result of cooperation You will receive:
- Free samples at point of sale to the final consumer;
Best prices through direct deliveries from the manufacturer's warehouse;
- Discounts on volume and installment payment for regular customers;
- Free shipping to TK and free delivery "to door";
- Comprehensive advertising and marketing support in the promotion of the product;
Suggested retail price on our cups, sticks, and Japanese packages - 10 - 40 RUB/pieces Each sold unit will bring You 3 - 30 rubles of profit.
Thus, selling all 1000 beakers (100 pack) or sticks (66 units) or Japanese tea bags (100 pack) in a month with only one shop that is more than real, you will be able to raise their income on 3 - 30 thousand and more.
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