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From a warehouse and under the order of the circuit breaker stations, switch VR-1 VR-2, the switch BPA 1-1 BPA 1-2

Offer type: salePublished: 04.02.2014
Seller:ZAO "Novocheboksarskij elektromehanicheskij zavod" otdel sbyita
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Address:Russian Federation, Chuvashia, Cheboksary
Offer to supply the circuit breaker stations-2 ASS, machine protection network stations-5 ASS, machine protection network stations-10 ASS, the circuit breaker AGS-15 ASS, the circuit breaker AGS-20 ASS, machine protection network stations-25 ASS, the circuit breaker AGS-30 ASS, machine protection network stations-40 ASS, the circuit breaker AGS-50 ASS, the switch-45M VM V-M, the pressure switch HV-45M VNM VN-M switch 2B-45 V, switch push VN-45 VN, switch PP-45M PPM P-M switch push MO-45M-2 PNM-2 PN-M2 MO-45-M2, the pressure switch PPN-45 PPM, switch 2PPT-45 PP 2-PP-45 2-P, switch PN-45 PPM 2-DNF-45 2-PN, switch PN-20 2-MO-20 PN 2-PN, switch PNP-47 PNP 2-TNG-47 2-PNP, switch PN-45 PPM 3-DNF-45 C-PPN-45 SPN SPN-45 switch 2PPT-250 PP 2-PP-250.
Switch Vrubel switch BPA 1-1, switch BPA 1-2, switch WRA-1-11600 WRA-1-12600 WRA-1-13600 WRA-1-14600 WRA-1-32200 WRA-1-32300 WRA-1-32301 WRA-1-33200 WRA-1-33300 WRA-1-33301 WRA-1-42200 WRA-1-42210 WRA-1-42300 WRA-1-42301 WRA-1-42310 WRA-1-43200 WRA-1-43210 WRA-1-43300 WRA-1-43301 WRA-1-43310 WRA-1-52200 WRA-1-52210 WRA-1-52300 WRA-1-52301 WRA-1-52310 WRA-1-53200 WRA-1-53210 WRA-1-OF 53,300 WRA-1-53301 WRA-1-53310 WRA-1-62200 WRA-1-62210 WRA-1-62300 WRA-1-62301 WRA-1-63200 WRA-1-63210 WRA-1-63300 WRA-1-63301 WRA-1-103600 WRA-1-113600 WRA-1-33301 WRA-1-34200 WRA-1-34201 WRA-1-42301 WRA-1-43200 WRA-1-44200 WRA-1-44301 WRA-1-52200 WRA-1-52301 WRA-1-53200 WRA-1-54200 WRA-1-54301 VRA-2-32200 VRA-2-32300 VRA-2-32301 VRA-2-33200 VRA-2-33300 VRA-2-33301 VRA-2-42200 VRA-2-42300 VRA-2-42301 VRA-2-43200 VRA-2-43300 VRA-2-43301 VRA-2-52200 VRA-2-52210 VRA-2-52300 VRA-2-52301 VRA-2-53200 VRA-2-53210 VRA-2-OF 53,300 VRA-2-53301 VRA-2-62200 VRA-2-62210 VRA-2-62300 VRA-2-62301 VRA-2-63200 VRA-2-63210 VRA-2-63300 VRA-2-63301 VRA-2-34200 VRA-2-34301 VRA-2-35200 VRA-2-44200 VRA-2-44301 VRA-2-45200, Luggage arc to the switch VR-1, Luggage arc to the switch VR-2
Shipping to Russia, warranty.
Details on the websiteЗаявку can be left on the Phone (8352) 747-330, 730-600 or E-mail: