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Semi-automatic machine chamber type SC 55 (MINIPACK-TORRE, Italy).

Offer type: salePublished: 04.02.2014
Seller:Korsakov Andrej
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
1 ia.
Model SC 55 (MINIPACK-TORRE, Italy) is designed for shrink film packaging of almost any food and industrial goods.
When working at SC 55, the operator is required to place the packaged item within the packaging area of the machine and lower the cap by hand. Next, the processes of sealing and shrinking occur automatically. Packed object is removed from the packing zone manually.
Features SC 55:
•Welding strap: mm h
•The size of the packaging zone HH mm
•Max. the size of spool: Ø 250 mm
•Max. width reel: Ø 600 mm
•Capacity not exceeding 300 pack./hour
•Dimensions with an outdoor camera: 1260x810x () mm
•Weight (net/gross): 90/120 kg
•Power supply: 220/230 V
•Installed power: 3,15 kW
•Welding blade termonia has a Teflon coating;
•Electromagnets for holding the frame termonia in working condition;
•Automatic opening of the cover at the end of the operating cycle;
•Adjustable height desktop machine;
•Welding system and shrinkage of the film in one operation
•Control panel for monitoring and control of the machine with the possibility of programming up to 10 cycles
•Count the number of packages
•Mechanical perforation of the film
•Additional safety thermostat mounted on the heating resistance: large machine protection
•Programs: Only spike + spike/shrinkage
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