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Automatic machine chamber type PRATIKA 56 CS (MINIPACK-TORRE, Italy)

Offer type: salePublished: 04.02.2014
Seller:Korsakov Andrej
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
22 120 Euros.
Advantages of the model PRATIKA 56 CS:
•G-shaped zabivayushiy knife
•Device Central Sealing" ("Central scar"), the height of the seam is regulated from the control panel
•PLC Schneider Electric
•In-feed belt conveyor
•Pneumatic connection, flow rate: 60 l/min
Specifications PRATIKA 56 CS:
•Max. packing size: HH(In)240 mm
•Welding strap: mm h
•Used film: PVC, POF, PE, from 7 to 80 microns
•Capacity: up to 2400 pack./hour
•Max. the size of spool: Ø 300 mm width: 700 mm
•The height of working surface: 870 mm (in-feed conveyor);
•Dimensions of the device with open cover: 2485x1245x () 1900mm
•Dimensions with closed bonnet: 2485x1245x () mm
•Dimensions in transport packaging: 2940x1440x () mm
•Weight (net/gross): 724/774 kg
•Electric power: 220V, 1-Phase
•Installed power: 2.5 kW
•Powered by compressed air: 6 bar
Features of this model:
•Adjustable speed conveyor
•Automatic control of main functions
•Two photocell determine products
•Sound and light signals shutdowns
•Display in Russian
•Integrated roll holder film
•The machine is mounted on adjustable wheels and legs
•Electronic sensor alert fill the remnants of film rewinder
•PLC controller
•Punching device film tension adjustment
•The ability to package individual and group products
•Conveyors comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the food industry
•Antistatic feed and discharge conveyors
Combined with shrink tunnel Tunnel 50 / Tunnel 50 Twin / Tunnel 70.
Andrei Korsakov, +7 (916) 801-93-00