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Rubber hoses high pressure (WFD)

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Company:Chp Shahat
Seller:Nina Alekseevna
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Designed for use as a flexible connection of pipes in hydraulic systems of construction, road, agricultural, forestry, municipal, etc. mobile and stationary machines for supplying high pressure hydraulic fluids..Hoses (hoses) high pressure, are flexible reinforced tubing used to transfer substance in the area of suction and discharge under high pressure. High pressure hoses are widely used in industrial equipment, hydraulic systems, automotive technology. Due to the possibility of the manufacture of hoses in various technological options, and sizes, successfully solved a number of issues in the industrial and construction processes.
Hoses (hoses) high pressure is widely used in food industry, agriculture, utilities, and construction. Hoses (hoses) are used to pump water, transportation of various liquids, gases, bulk materials, and also for supplying aggressive working environments. In addition, they are used for laying electrical, telephone, computer and other networks.
Hoses (hoses) high pressure (WFD) for durability reinforced with metal, textile or synthetic frame and are made from weather-resistant oil-resistant abrasion resistant otnositeljnogo rubber material with metal fittings at the ends, set at an angle of 45° or 90. This allows you to use high-pressure hoses for the transport of aggressive media. In addition in the manufacture of the WFD is often used steel braid or winding, which increases the strength of the hoses. Thus, they can be used in extremely adverse conditions of the environment where it is difficult or impossible using other products. Crimping (starowka) high pressure hose assumes the high quality materials that ensure compliance with the modern standards of performance.
High quality of the finished sleeves WFD guaranteed quality components from leading European manufacturers, strict observance of technology of production of hoses, high pressure hoses (HPH), regular maintenance of production lines for the manufacture of, a clear input and output quality control of products for compliance with all standards, high qualifications and experience of staff.
Dynamics of development of modern technologies in the production of hydraulic hoses and high competition in the market hydraulics dictate the need for strict control of quality of products supplied and the availability of a wide product range.