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Insulating mats

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Carpets dielectric is used as an additional protective device in the electrical voltage over 1000 V. Carpets is operable at temperatures from minus 15 to plus 40 0°C Performance characteristics: the size of the carpet: 500 x 500 750 x 750.Dielectric carpets must be manufactured according to GOST 4997-75.
They are used as an additional means of electrical safety in electrical installations up to and above 1000 V in closed electrical, except wet rooms, and outdoor electrical installations in dry weather.
Depending on the purpose and conditions of operation of the dielectric rubber carpets shall be made of two groups:
The first is to operate at temperatures from minus 15 to plus 40 0C;
The second oil-resistant, for operation at temperatures from minus 50 to plus 80 0 C, 80 0 C for not more than 3000 hours.