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Avtodorogi (floor covering made of rubber)

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:39 UAH
Company:Chp Shahat
Seller:Nina Alekseevna
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Avtodorogi (floor covering rubber ,thickness from 3mm (coin and strip In coils from 50 kg Width 1200-1500mm.Avtodorogi is a product made of rubber or rubberized fabric, which are used as floor covering in various types of transport, and is widely used for domestic purposes. All vehicles, including public transport: buses, trolleybuses and trams have as a floor covering various avtodorogi. These products are also designed for installation in places where there is a risk of falling on slippery surfaces. In these places, are stacked such rubber tracks or entire sites. These objects are industrial and public premises such as shops, offices, warehouses, driveways, and other facilities where there are steps, different slopes, ramps, curbs and other slippery surfaces. High wear resistance and anti-slip performance of most avtodorogam enables to use them in places with large concentrations of people, where there is traffic.
Avtodorogi are available with a corrugated outer surface. The only difference is the depth of the reefs, sizes and thickness. Temperature range for operation of automotive rubber carpets, ranging from - 45° to +70°C.
Modern technologies allow to produce rubber mats, using in the process of various impurities and additives. This allows you to improve the product quality. Modern avtodorogi not harden in extreme cold and tolerate low temperatures. They are more elastic and subject to any adjustment tools. Today in the production of widely used natural rubber, polymeric materials and other synthetic components. The presence of avtodorogam rubber, makes this product environmentally friendly. Natural rubber is involved in the production of avtodorogam, delivers products from unpleasant rubber smell. In addition, products from rubber or polymers having the properties of natural rubber, have a high resistance to mechanical loads and resistance to gasoline and oil.