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Sodium nitrite

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Nandhosting a selection in RTDandt, sodium nitrite reagents, NaNO2, a salt; colorless or slightly yellowish crystals, the density of 2.17 g/cm3, melting point 271 °C. solubility in water (%): 45,07 (22 °C) 61,5 (99,9 °C); aqueous solutions are alkaline reaction. Acids NaNO2 decomposes with evolution of oxides of nitrogen. Get NaNO2in the absorption of nitrogen oxides alkaline solutions and their subsequent evaporation. Upon cooling, NaNO2 crystallizes. N. n is used in the reaction of diazotization in the production of azo dyes, as the oxidant, in the extraction of iodine from iodides, in the manufacture of sausages for the conservation of red meat, in medicine as a vasodilator.