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Ammonium toxic

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Synonymous names: the ammonium thiocyanate,ammonium thiocyanate.
The ammonium thiocyanate NH4NCS - colorless hygroscopic crystalline solid. It is soluble in water (54.9% at 0°C and 61.9% at 20°C). Dissolution is accompanied by the release of large amounts of heat. In addition, the ammonium thiocyanate is dissolved in liquid ammonia, ethanol, methanol and acetone. Capable of forming hydrates and ammanati. It is established that the molecule of ammonium thiocyanate has the structure of isothiocyanate - NH4S=C=N. When heated above 140°C ammonium thiocyanate gradually isomerized in thiourea H2NC(S)NH2. The toxicity of ammonium thiocyanate is relatively small. When the ingress can cause the phenomenon of xanthopsia - vision items in yellow.
as the original connection with industrial production of thiourea;
as reagent for apprecilove and printing fabrics;
for pickling iron and steel;
in photography as a component developers;
as part of electrolytes in electroforming;
in analytical chemistry at romanomermis and mercurimetric the definition of halogen and cyanide photocolorimetric determination of iron ions, cobalt, molybdenum, etc.;
as an intermediate to produce other inorganic thiocyanates;
as an intermediate in the production of fungicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals;
as a component of cooling fluids;