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Offer type: salePublished: 07.02.2017
Company:TOV Kerbos
Seller:Ekaterina Nikolaevna
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Address:Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv, Ukraine
Corrugated boxes cardboard standard three-layer and five-layer corrugated cardboard.

Cardboard and paper mill "Kerbos" produces corrugated boxes cardboard and standard custom sizes of three-layer and five-layer corrugated cardboard, brown and white, with the possibility of printing up to 4 colors.

Calculation of corrugated cardboard is conducted in the presence of data:

  1. Length / Height / Width of the carton (internal dimensions)
  2. The weight of the goods in cartons
  3. Stacking the load during transportation
  4. The transportation distance
  5. The humidity of the transported product or refrigerator

We manufacture corrugated boxes cardboard of any size (constraints: minimum length the half-slotted carton 160 mm.; minimum height of the carton half-slotted 85 mm.; maximum size of the workpiece along the length of 1700mm. (mid line) and 2800mm. (rotation)). MOQ 2000pcs.