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Iron sulfate

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The iron(II)sulphate, iron(II) sulfate - binary inorganic compound, an iron salt of sulfuric acid with the formula FeSO4. Heptahydrate FeSO4·NO is trivial name iron sulfate. Neleus, no odor. Anhydrous substance colorless, opaque, very hygroscopic. The crystalline - hygroscopic, transparent crystals of a bright bluish-green, tetrahydrate FeSO4·NO green (rosenet), monohydrate FeSO4·H2O a colorless (smolnica). Taste strongly astringent ferrous (metal). The air gradually erode (lose water of crystallization). The iron(II) sulphate is highly soluble in water (26,3 g at 20 °C). From aqueous solution crystallizes bluish-green heptahydrate. The toxicity of iron sulphate is relatively low.

Used in the textile industry, in agriculture as a fungicide, for the preparation of mineral paints.