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Fragrances for cosmetics and household chemicals.

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Address:Ukraine, Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv

Odorant liquid and dry - mix synthetic aromatic substances (CDO) and essential oils. Fragrance composition has a multifaceted fragrance, time-varying and combining myself floral, fruity, woody, fresh and other notes. In fact, the fragrance is a complex blend synthetic and semi-synthetic compositions which are added to cosmetic drug or household chemistry. This is done in order silence specific smell the basics which often smells not very nice. The problem of odors solves perfume scent. So same odorants are an integral part production car care products, car washers fluids, automotive and cardboard gel flavors. Odorants used in the household chemistry: • synthetic detergents (SMS), • detergents • liquids for irons., • the softener, etc. in cosmetic products: • shampoos, • gels, • foams and bath salts, etc. Perfume compositions are applied in perfumes: • spirits • colognes, • toiletries and scented waters, • lotions. In the direction of the scent fragrances divided into: • flower, • coniferous, • citrus, • wood, • fruit, • green, herbal, • freshness • spicy • Oriental (sweet), We offer fragrances and perfume composition: • air fresheners, • softener, • cleaning fluids plumbing, • car air fresheners,
antifreeze fluids,auto glass, auto car-shampoos, polishes, • funds for washing dishes, • wipers, • bleaching agents, • liquid and solid toilet soap, • washing powders, • shampoos, Special attention is paid to the development of fragrances for products with aggressive environment (odorants to an alkaline environment, fragrances for acid odorants for chlorine environments, odorants for ammonia environments). There are also specialized fragrances for isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) and fragrances for acetone. Also produce various dry granulated and pulverized odorants (tripolyphosphate) various colours and smells.