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Yellow blood salt.

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Hexacyanoferrate(II) potassium (releasescontact potassium, potassium ferrocyanide, hexacyanoferrate potassium) is a complex compound of ferrous iron K4[Fe(CN)6], existing usually in the form of trihydrate K4[Fe(CN)6]·3H2O.
Used in the manufacture of pigments, dyeing silk in the production of cyanide compounds, ferrites, colored paper, as a component inhibiting coatings and cyanidation steels, for separation and disposal of radioactive cesium.
Hexacyanoferrate(II) potassium is used in analytical chemistry as a reagent for the detection of some cations.
In the food industry the potassium ferrocyanide is registered as a food Supplement, E536, prevent caking and clumping. Used as an additive to table salt.