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Valve, plate valve, REM. kits

Offer type: salePublished: 10.08.2023
Company:OOO PKP 'Gazsel'stroj LTD'
Seller:Aleksandr Yur'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
LU-1,6 Valve LU-1,6 Valve N. 627 Sleeve N. 630-05 The valve N. 630-06,-07 The valve N. 630-08 Valve predohranitelno. I Art. N. 630-09 Valve predohranitelno. II senior N. 630-12 The valve Art. I N. 630-13 Valve predohranitelno. St. N. 631-01;02;03 Valve predohranitelno. I Art. N. 631-04 Valve predohranitelno. II senior N. 632-01 The valve N. 632-02 The valve N. 632-03 The valve N. 632-05 The valve N. 632-06 The valve N. 632-07 The valve N. 632-08 The valve N. 632-09 The valve N. 632-10,-12,-13 The valve N. 633-04 Valve predohranitelno. III senior N. 633-05 Valve predohranitelno. IV Art. N. 633-06 Valve predohranitelno. V Art. N. 633-07 The valve N. 633-08 The valve N. 633-09 The valve N. 633-14;15,16 The valve N-17 The valve N-18 The valve N. 633-23,-24 The valve N. 634-01,-02 Valve predohranitelno. III degree. N. 634-04 The valve N. 634-06;-09;-10 The valve N. 634-14 The valve N. 635-01;N-02 (03;04) The valve N. 640 The spool N. 644 Saddle CC-65/1,2 Valve CC-65/1,2 0-1 Saddle CC-65/1,2 0-3 Plate CC-65/1,2 0-4 Plate CC-65/1,2 0-5A Spring CC-65/1,2 0-6 Spring CCZ-65/1,2 1-2 Sleeve guide CC-65/1,2 2-2 Sleeve guide VK-70/1,5 (UP) Valve suction (II century) NC-70/1,5 (UP) Valve discharge (II century) VK-70/1,5-2A Spring VK-70/1,5-3 Plate VK-70/1,5 sat. 0 The suction valve NC-70/1,5 sat. 0 Valve discharge QC-95/1,2 Valve(18/251) CC-95/1,5 Valve CC-95/1,5 0-1 Saddle CC-95/1,5 0-4 Plate small CC-95/1,5 1-2 Sleeve guide CC-95/1,5 2-2 Sleeve guide VK-100/1,5 sat. 0 The suction valve NC-100/1,5 sat. 0 Valve discharge NCL-100/1,5 sat. 0 Valve discharge VCL-100/1,5 sat. 0 The suction valve VK-100/1,5 0-1 Saddle VK-100/1,5 0-4 Spring VK-100/1,5 0-5 Spring VK-100/1,5 1-4 Sleeve guide VK-100/1,5 1-2 Focus guide VK-100/1,5-3 Plate QC-120/1,2 Valve(18/251) CC/1,5 Valve CC-120/1,5 0-5 Plate large VCL-125/2 collection 0 The suction valve NCL-125/2 collection 0 Valve discharge VK-125/3 0-2 Plate VK-125/2 0-3 Plate VK-125/3 0-4 Spring CC-125/1,5 0-6 Plate small BK2-125-4 Plate BK2-125-5 Plate BK2-125-6 Spring VK-155/2,5 sat. 0 The suction valve NC-155/2,5 sat. 0 Valve discharge VCL-155/3M Valve VCL-155/2,5 M Valve NCL-155/2,5 M Valve VK-155-0,4 Valve(VP-20 sat 2-3) NC-155-0,4 Valve(VP-20 sat 2-4) VK-155-2,5 Valve(VP-20 sat 3-3) NC-155-2,5 Valve(VP-20 sat 3-4) VK-155/3-4 Plate VK-155/3-5 Plate VK-155/3-6 Plate VK-155/3M-9 Spring VK-155/2,5 M-2 Spring VK-155/2,5 M 1-2 Sleeve guide VK-155/3M 1-2 Sleeve guide VK-180/3-2 Spring The bullpen 7/18 Valve KM-3 The purge valve KKT-70 0 sat Valve combo TCC-95 sat. 0 Valve combo IGSP 75.3513.005 or Spring 386.2085.004 (CGT-110) Plate(VCT/2,5) IGSP 75.4176.001-02 Plate(VCT/2,5) IGSP 75.4176.001-03 Valve KPV (N)-110-4,0-25 Valve CPV(N)-125-1,0-25 Valve CPV(N)-155-0,25-12,5 Valve oil.10 IGSP 49.4311.002 (N. 214-68) Valve oil. IGSP 49.4311.002-01 (N. 214-68) Valve oil. IGSP 49.4311.002 a-02 (instead of 10H.214-68) Valve oil. IGSP 49.4311.002 a-04 (instead of N.475-73) Valve oil. IGSP 49.4311.002 A-04 + IGSP 49.4311.002 A-03 (instead of N.479-73) PIC-4,0/2,7 Strap lock 386.1701.004 Plate 386.1701.005 Plate 386.2482.003 Plate 386.2482.003-01 Plate 386.2482.003-02 Plate 386.437.003 (valve LO-2,5) IST-1 Plate 386.676.003 Plate 386.676.004 Plate 386.676.005 Plate NCT-1.0 The large plate to the valve CGT/NCT-4 MB (386.2009.003) IST-5 Plate K1-8B/4 EST-5 Plate KK-42-4 (386.2025.004) Plate KK-42-5 (386.2025.005) Plate QC-62-4 (386.2050.004) Plate QC-62-4M (386.2050.004-01) Plate QC-62-5 (386.2050.005) Plate QC-62-5M (386.2050.005-01) Plate QC-82-4 (386.2051.004) Plate QC-82-5 (386.2051.005) Plate CT-10/3 IST-4 Plate CT-10/4 IST-4 Plate CT-10/5 IST-4 Plate CT-4,0/3 IST-5 Plate NCT-1.0 The small plate to the valve PIC-0,4 B EST-4 Plate PIC-1,0 B EST-4 Plate PIC-2.5 IST-4 Plate PIC-2.5 IST-4 Plate PIC-2.5 IST-4 Plate PIC-0.4 IST-4 Plate PIC-2.5 IST-4 Plate PIC-0.4 IST-4 Plate PIC-1.6 IST-4 Plate PIC-0.4 IST-4 Plate NCT-1.0 The average plate to the valve 306.577.010 to the valve PCCV-1-2 Plate CGT/NCT-4,M IST-4 Plate PIC-2.5 Plate to the valve CPC-2.5 Plate to the valve PIC-0.4 IST-4 Plate PIC-2.5 AM Plate PIC-4.0 IST-4 Plate PIC-0.4 IST-4 Plate PIC-4.0 IST-4 Plate PIC-0.4 A Plate PIC-0.4 A Plate PIC-1,6 AM Plate PCCN-1.2 (306.577.011) Plate