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Oven baking "Europa" Italia.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2019
Price:20 500 EUR
Company:Korinf inzhiniring
Seller:Aleksej Veniaminovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

The Russian company OOO "Corinth engineering offers furnace brand Mod. GALILEO New Edition 108 is High performance. Long life and high reliability - this will grant You the rotary kiln from "EUROPA".Baking chamber, we do completely of stainless steel. Rotary kiln GALILEO New Edition from "EUROPA" , occupying very little space, provide an extremely large area of baking. You can bake almost 11% more products on the same area! Furnace from "EUROPA" have a unique ventilation fan, which ensures absolutely uniform air distribution and the optimal direction of air flow. This means the maximum energy use at the minimum air speed. A large steam generator guarantees at any time saturated steam for continuous baking. And as an alternative to furnaces for gas or oil fired rotary furnace GALILEO New Edition with electric heating. Our website