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Ultramarine dye .

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The pigment from green to purple. The most widely known and used ultramarine blue. Blue ultramarine is a powder, resistant to the action of light, heat, action of alkaline solutions.
Natural source
In nature it occurs in the form of the mineral lapis lazuli (lazurite), tinted or clear. By calcination of natural ultramarine acquires a bright blue color.
Synthetic ultramarine receive a firing charge, consisting of kaolin, silica, sodium, sulfur, coke or bitumen.
The ultramarine dye allowed and used in the manufacture of refined sugar for bluing, eliminate yellow hue. In accordance with the technological instructions the sugar-refinery production, ultramarine added to the magma. Ultramarine is also used for bluing linen, paper, white paint coatings, plastics, fabrics, dyeing rubber, linoleum, Wallpaper, for the preparation of paints and enamels.