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Hygiene of the oral cavity fuchs®, Germany

Offer type: salePublished: 23.02.2013
Seller:Vam Anna Petrovna
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Innovative means of oral hygiene fuchs® - fuchs Oral Care GmbH, Germany.
Name fuchs is synonymous with continuous innovation in the production of systematic oral hygiene.
Toothbrushes, cleaning interdental spaces, medical toothpaste.
The highest hygienic standard.
Fuchs Oral Care GmbH produces high-quality toothbrushes for more than 80 years. Today the range of products includes classic toothbrushes, creative models made using In-mold technology, new patented products, such as non-metallic interdental brushes and innovation system, which includes ergonomic holder for dental floss and the case with dental floss.
1. Toothbrush fuchs Gum Clinic medium for gum made with technologists casting under davlenym In-mold technology.
Price: 36 USD.
2. Toothbrush fuchs Dentosan medium medium hardness with interchangeable heads.
Price 60 USD.
3. Two-component toothbrush fuchs Sanident medium moderately hard
with innovative bristles.
The price is 30 UAH.
4. Very soft toothbrush fuchs Sanident supersoft c a unique 4-finger separation of the bristles to ensure a particularly gentle cleaning of teeth and gums.
Price 32 USD.
5. Road toothbrush fuchs Clips Pocket medium moderately hard with a road case.
The price is 35 USD.
6. Interchangeable head Clips Depot average degree of rigidity for road fuchs toothbrushes Pocket Clips.
Price 60 USD.
7. Toothbrush fuchs Medoral Pro 3 for cleaning dentures.
The price is 50 UAH.
8. Children toothbrush Junior for children 2 - 6 years (soft).
Price 28 UAH.
9. Dental floss fuchs with Florida and mint (50 m).
Price 60 USD.
10. Medical toothpaste dent-a-xyl® with sodium fluoride and xylitol (75 ml).
The price of 58 USD.
11. Means for cleaning interdental spaces - non-metallic interdental brushes Brush'n Clean
Price RS 52.
Delivery in Ukraine New Mail.