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SMS sending. Get a better offer

Offer type: servicesPublished: 21.02.2013
Seller:Emel'yanova Lyudmila Viktorovna
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Address:Russian Federation
"The secret that will make clients you love.
If you will remind the client about themselves and care about the interests of the client.
A little mistake that cost the company at least 30% of additional revenue per year.
This bug. The lack of bulk SMS in your business to interact with customers.
More than 14,000 clients informed about the strange increase their profits, the introduction of SMS distribution and use our service. Many pointed to the increase in profit from 100 to 500%. If this happened 14000 times, without question is an effective way to communicate with the client.
What excuse you come up with, when you are asked to send an SMS about the new collection - and you haven't used SMS sending?
Let whether you are able to seem your customers "obsolete"? Or you are concerned about your reputation as a successful, keeping up with time businessman?
They need to know every businessman about customers!
Is that if you ask your customer after a purchase to leave the phone for news messages from your organization. 100% of requests to fill in the questionnaire, 80% of customers will leave you with your details, and even say thank you.
Fill out the form on the website and you will get the best offer within days.