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Sale(ready business) Point fresh juices.

Offer type: salePublished: 14.02.2013
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
Point fresh juices. maply mill. Rent +communes - 34000, until June 2013 with rollover
Bar 15 kV. m (with lockers and built-in sink, satisfies the requirement. SES)
Refrigerator-counter - pole Whsr-1,2 3420
Computer cash register I + Fiscal. The Registrar 12620. Table-cold-to 60000. Rakovina. Smesitel. Inventory of complex bar + blender 42450. Universal sokovyj. "Santos"63250. Sokovyj machine to oranges "Zumex"115996, Ice machine 13500. Sokovyj for pomegranate and grapefruit Zumonat"71115.
Freezer Biryusa 8100. Cold to showcase VERTIC. 24100. Safety Deposit box 10800
Bar 385000. SHF 2000. Trolley PH 3003100. Labels 20000. The shape of the baristas (just leave a couple of t-shirts) 23300. The inventory of "IKEA"7722. Film for hours +tabl. 54