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How to open a shop

Offer type: servicesPublished: 04.02.2013
Seller:Radko Natali
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Services for retailers:
1. Marketing market analysis, identification of potential outlets
1.1. analysis of the location of the object;
1.2. assessment of primary and secondary shopping areas
1.3. assessment of traffic flows
1.4. analysis of competitive environment: a list of the main competitors, appearance, product groups, presents from them, pricing, loyalty programs, an existing service for buyers
1.5. the concept of the outlets, the positioning of the object, the mandatory commodity groups;
1.6. recommended tools the implementation of the concept
1.7. identification of the potential of object - estimated daily and monthly turnover, the average markup
2. Planning retail space
2.1. the distribution utility rooms and sales floor, commodity flows
2.2. the planogram referring location commercial equipment (including file fomat dvg)
2.3. spatial decision-designed premises with the use of this equipment (3D model)
2.4. the point of entering the sewer, electricity, computerized space, telephone, extra lighting
2.5. zoning trading hall, rasstanovka commodity groups,
2.6. customer flows
2.7. list of used commercial equipment, quantity, ratio shelving and refrigeration equipment
2.8. recommendations for the use of additional equipment
2.9. technical characteristics of the equipment used, photo analogues
3. The development of a design concept outlets:
3.1. The basic elements of style and design outlets (list, number, sample, sample size, material)
3.2. The list of applicable corporate colors (outdoor advertising, printing)
3.3. Sketch design of the facade with the necessary elements (facade, the design of the adjacent territory), including 3D model
3.4. Technical description of the elements of the style and design of the facade (size, color, material)
3.5. Sketch of interior design with the necessary elements (navigation, neuromarketing), including 3D model
3.6. Technical description of the elements of style and interior design (size, color, material)
3.7. The brand book
4. Organization of technological process:
4.1. trade-technology processes outlets in the self-service format
4.2. the description of the scheme of distribution
4.3. organization of pre-sale preparation
5. Organization of work of the purchasing Department:
5.1. the scheme of work of the Department;
5.2. the tactics of negotiation with suppliers (from search and selection to contain price increases)
5.3. norms of loss and write-off
6. Program trade marketing:
6.1 a list of the main tools of marketing and advertising of the trade object
6.2 recommendations for merchandising the object of trade
6.3. recommendations on the organization of the loyalty program
6.4. recommendations for the development of a calendar of promotional activity
6.5. templates promotional materials, price tags, ads, A1, A4, A5, banners for outdoor advertising, flyers, discount cards, corporate package (3 batch size)
6.6. recommendations for monitoring of competitors ' prices
6.7. recommendations on the organization of the audit outlets, check list
6.8. the rules protomerite
7. Personnel data:
- staffing, structure, subordination
- unctionally duties, and work instructions,
the standard of staff,
scheme of recruitment
- pay system
- recommendations on recruitment
- model contract liability
8. Training, adaptation:
- training (work with commercial equipment, with informazioni equipment), certification
training for Department managers purchasing
training for sellers