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Soy lecithin (Solec F)USA

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:90 UAH
Seller:Shestopalova Liliya Kirillovna
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine


Category food


Cakes pizza solid

Control shrinkage and drying of the cake, improve the processing of the test and eat with sheet


Reduce krasivosti products, increase volume, improve symmetry, structure the porosity of the crumb, promote homogeneous distribution of the components of the test


Improve uniformity, reduce the viscosity of the test, reduce krasivosti finished products, improve the symmetry and the porosity of the crumb, substantial savings egg products when combined with "Pasta for churning"

Baking products with low-fat crackers, straw, drying

Improve machining of the test, the finished product become more "gentle", loose


Improve fragility, friability products, give a sense of "soft" structures, increase the uniformity of consistency for kneading reduce nalyvaemoy" test on the equipment, reduce the consumption of fat and egg products

Pasta products

Strengthen the structure of the products, reduce the loss of solids during cooking, increase productivity press, finished products retain their shape and stick together less

Children food

Effective emulsifiers in food products intended for infants and specialized nutrition

Sauces with cheese

Improve taste and consistency

Ice cream
Frozen desserts

In combination with stabilizers improve the homogeneity of the mixture, the control agglomeration of fat in the freezing process

Meat sauces

Reduce separation of fat, improve the consistency of the product

Snacks extrusion, muesli, cereals, bran

Improvement the texture of the product, increasing productivity improvement molding, eliminating buildup on the walls of the auger, eliminating clogging of nozzles

Ice cream
Frozen desserts

Act in combination with Polysorbate to create excellent emulsive and retention air. Improve consistency, facilitate control of the agglomeration of fat in the freezing process, increase the efficiency of mixing