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Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Is a major component of children's powders, in connection with which both the names are often used as synonyms. Used in the home for prevent friction of the contacting surfaces (rubber gloves, shoes), and also to prevent clumping during prolonged storage of plastic products. Contrary to popular belief talc not used in weightlifting, gymnastics and climbing, because it reduces friction. To improve the grip of the hands in these disciplines athletes use magnesia - 4MgCO3*Mg(OH)2*4H2O.As the filler used in the rubber, paper, paint, medical (pill), cosmetics, and other industries.An important application area - ceramics (especially radiotolerance).
Products available:

· Acesulfame

· Aspartame

· Ascorbic acid (China)

· Sodium benzoate (China, Estonia)

· Sodium bicarbonate (Russia)

· Tartaric acid (Italy)

· Glycerin (Poland, Germany)

· Sodium glutamate (China)

· Disodium phosphate

· Isoascorbate sodium (China)

· Potassium chloride (Israel)

· Calcium chloride (China, Holland)

· Calcium lactate (China)

· Sodium lactate (China)

· Lactic acid (Lactic acid)

· Glucose (China)

· Calcium chloride (China, Holland)

· Lactose (China)

· Sodium nitrite (China)

· Sodium hexametaphosphate (Czech Republic)

· Tetrasodium pyrophosphate (Czech Republic, Poland)

· Saccharin (China)

· Gelatin (China)

· Citric acid (China, Ukraine)

· Sodium metabisulfite (China)

· Phosphoric acid (Israel)

· Sodium pyrophosphate (Czech Republic)

· Salt (pill) (Poland)

· Potassium sorbate (China)

· Sorbic acid (China)

· Trisodium citrate (China)

· Sodium tripolyphosphate (Czech Republic)

· The potassium ferrocyanide (China)

· Malic acid (China)